Exeter Touch Tennis

This high-fun, inclusive activity played on smaller Mini Tennis court areas across the mini nets utilising soft balls and shorter Mini Tennis Rackets.


Please ensure that all participating team members arrive at the venue by 5.30pm at the latest for pre-event registration, briefing and handing out equipment this will enable a prompt 6.00pm start. Registration will take place at the Exeter University Tennis Centre, in the Covered Tennis Centre – next to the Main Hockey Pitch on the Sports Park, Streatham.

Playing by the rules

This year we will be using the King Court format. Easy – work your way up to the top court:The King’s Court…

The lower bouncing soft balls allow for longer rallies and a greater work out. Previous experience of tennis or indeed tennis talent is not needed to play this much smaller version of the real game. Teams will play doubles, with each team playing two games at the same time. Matches will be timed centrally and the winner will be the pair with the most amount of points in the time frame. This is a fun, fast and action-packed event that will be enjoyable for all. Exeter Tennis Centre coaches will be on-hand all evening for tips and advice and to manage the event.

The Draw / Tournament

  • 12 playing areas
  • Random draw live on the evening of the event to determine starting position
  • You win and you move up a court (If you win on the KING’S COURT you move up to be the KING)
  • You lose and you move down a court (If you lose on COURT 2 you move down to be the JOKER)
  • Finish at the top for maximum points
  • Finish at the bottom for less points
  • Each ‘game’ consists of two matches of pairs from each company. The winning team is the company who won the most points across both matches combined
  • Team 1 will start as THE KING (but will drop down to the KING’S COURT after 1st game); Teams 2&3 will start on the KING’S COURT; Teams 4&5 will start on the QUEEN’S COURT; Teams 6&7 will start on the JACK’S COURT etc.

There are vending machines for hot and cold drinks within the Sports Park, as well as a water fountain for refilling of bottles. Toilets are located in the main Sports Park reception building.

  • Teams will need 4 players per fixture
  • Teams may have more than 4 players over the tournament
  • A minimum of one male and one female on the pitch for all games
  • Maximum of 6 players in a squad
  • The playing area is ¼ the size of a normal tennis court
  • The net height is lower than a normal net
  • The playing area will be clearly marked

All matches are doubles

  • A fixture consists of 2 x doubles matches which are played simultaneously. When returning the score to the officials, teams must add the score from both of the games between the two companies
  • There will be 24 rounds of games (to give the Joker the chance of getting to the top)

The final position determines the points scored:

  • THE KING = 26 points
  • THE JOKER = 1 point

The final game will see companies on each court play for position:

  • Win the final game on the KING’s COURT for 25 points
  • Lose the final game on the KING’S COURT for 24 points
  • Win the final game on THE QUEEN’S COURT for 23 points
  • Lose the final game on THE JACK’S COURT for 22 points etc.

Normal Tennis rules with the exceptions / notes below

  • Only 1 serve per rally (no 2nd serve)
  • If the ball hits the net and goes over when serving then play continues (no ‘let’)
  • Service must be under-arm
  • If the ball hits an opponent who is standing off court without bouncing first –then the person the ball hit loses the point
  • Take it in turns to serve; so player 1 of team A, then player 1 of team B, then player 2 of team A then player 2 of team B
  • Points can be won on each rally – regardless of which team serves
  • Matches last 5 minutes long with a quick turnaround between games
  • Keep tallying up points until the 5 minutes is complete. The game ends the instant the hooter is sounded
  • If scores across both matches combined are equal then the winner is the team who scored the most points in one of the fixtures – if that is equal then it is the toss of a coin or spin of a racket!
  • The serve does not have to land in any specific area on the opposite area of the net or bounce first, but the team receiving must stand in the tramlines at the back of the court
  • With regard to the rules, common-sense must prevail
  • Players must play to the rules and self-officiate
  • Staff are on-hand to help the event, line calls are down to the players
  • If the ball hits the line then it is in

Please wear loose sports clothing – i.e. t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, polos etc. Trainers must be worn. Bats and balls will be provided. Please look after your own belongings – there are areas allocated within the covered courts but it is not monitored by staff.

Time / Location

30th May 2019

5:30pm – 9:00pm

University of Exeter Sports Park, Stocker Rd, Exeter EX4 4QN


Public Transport

The Streatham Campus is served by the D and H bus routes. The D bus route includes Digby, St Luke’s Campus, the City Centre and Streatham Campus. The H bus route includes the RD&E hospital, St Luke’s Campus, the City Centre, St David’s Station, Cowley Bridge and Streatham Campus.

Exeter St David’s Station is approximately 10 minutes walk from the Streatham Campus. See Streatham Campus map for the walking route.

Travelling by Car
From Motorway (M5)

  • From the M5 Leave the M5 at Junction 29, signed Exeter Airport.
  • At the traffic lights at the end of the motorway off slip road, turn right onto the B3015, signed City Centre, and at the first roundabout turn right, signed Exeter Business Park.
  • Go straight over at the next two roundabouts, signed Pinhoe, and join the Monkerton Link Road. At the traffic lights bear left onto the B3212, signed City Centre. Take the right-hand lane and at the second set of traffic lights turn right, signed University.
  • Pass under the railway bridge (Polsloe Bridge), drive up the hill and at the fourth set of traffic lights turn right onto Mount Pleasant Road, signed University. (Henry’s Bar
  • is on the corner of this junction).
  • At the first roundabout take the second exit onto Union Road. Go straight over at the first set of traffic lights onto Prince of Wales Road.
  • Continue along Prince of Wales Road for approximately 700 metres and the University’s Streatham Drive entrance is on your right. This entrance gives access to all car parks

We recommend once at the Campus you use Car Park B, follow the signs to Car Parks. Please be aware that the car parking may be ‘Pay & Display’. Once parked walk beside the sports courts towards the sports hall.

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