Hear what 2018/2019 winners Michelmores have to say about the Bigwave Business Games

2018 Exeter Business Games winners, Michelmores, talk ultimate frisbee, forming friendships and fierce competition.

Last year, UK-leading law-firm Michelmores took home the Bigwave Business Games trophy with an unrivalled lead on the final scores. This year, they’re back to try and reclaim their place at the top of the leaderboard. Phil Willis,

Head of Systems at Michelmores, expressed his excitement at returning for another year and gave some brilliant insight into what can be expected from this year’s games.

“We are really looking forward to taking part in the Bigwave Business Games 2019, and defending our title! Getting involved in any team activity has so many positive benefits. If you then add to the mix playing with people you don’t know very well or in some circumstances, not at all, then this is a great way to build relationships within your organisation that may never have happened under normal circumstances.  Sport is a great leveller, no matter your job, on the field, everyone is equal. New friendships and camaraderie has to be one of the biggest paybacks of getting involved in the Bigwave Business games. There is nothing like a bit of competition to rally people, and oh boy! do we have some competitive people at Michelmores.

“It always amazing when looking back over the previous games, how quiet, placid, unassuming people who you work with every day, suddenly turn into crazed, brash, ultra-competitive individuals. We are frequently told it’s a ‘friendly, fun’ competition, but when you are pitted against a team from another business, suddenly the gloves are off. This is probably epitomised most in the dodgeball event, no prisoners are taken, it literally is the last man (or woman) standing. It has to be up there as one of our favourite events, along with ultimate frisbee, and we were pretty good at them.

Despite the obvious competitiveness, there are times when some teams are short of people, and what is great to see is how others will happily volunteer to make up a team, their fervour not diminished. This is a great way to network and get to know about other businesses in Exeter, you might have heard the name but not know much about them. 

“So why do we get involved in the Bigwave Business Games? First and foremost, it’s a lot of fun.

“All the events are really well organised and they do change from year to year which keeps things interesting, especially when it comes to deciding when to play your joker. Not all events are physical, there is a hotly contested Pub Quiz for the more cerebral.  The staff at the venues are always good-humoured despite the occasional playful grief they are given (again, reference dodgeball). As well as meeting different people from within your own organisation, it is also great to meet people from the wider business community. And of course, the one big win that all those participating in the games is being involved in raising money for nominated charity, The Exeter Foundation, which is used to benefit the wider Exeter Community.”

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