It’s a knockout

Guaranteed laugh out loud fun and professional and experienced staff make all sessions action packed and super entertaining. Teams will compete in a number of inflatable activities to be crowned the winner!

Registration: Please ensure that all participating team members arrive at the venue by 5.30pm at the latest for pre-event registration, briefing and handing out equipment this will enable a prompt 5.50pm start.

Playing by the Rules

Teams will compete in 3 fun inflatable activities:

  • Human Table Football
    • Teams of 5 players will be required to take part in this exciting team building challenge.
    • Just like table football, players are joined to a bar and must move together to get in position to kick the ball towards the goal.
    • Each goal your team scores will be worth 100 points.
    • Matches will be timed
  • Kick Darts
    • Teams will have some time to practice before being given a set number of Velcro footballs to kick at a giant Velcro dart board.
    • Only balls which stick to the board will count towards the teams score.
    • Balls can be kicked from the ground or dropped out the hands so they bounce before being kicked at the board.
  • Combat Archery
    • Teams will go head to head in this timed archery based challenge.
    • The objective is to shoot as many circles out of the target as you can in a given time frame.
    • To keep supplying arrows to be used one of the team must put on a safety mask and put themselves on the line to retrieve all the arrows being fired.
    • Don’t worry because the padded arrow ends mean nobody can be injured but you will still know about it if struck by a stray arrow!
  • Minimum 4 – Maximum 6
  • Each team will be issued with a scorecard
  • Each challenge will have a clear scoring system explained in the pre-match briefing
  • Competitors will record their points on the scorecard provided
  • The winning team will be the one with the highest combined points total

Please wear suitable sports clothing – i.e. t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, polos etc. Trainers must be worn. Please look after your own belongings – there will be an area to place bags etc. but it is not monitored by staff.

Time / Location

Thursday 19th September 2024

5.30pm to 8.30pm approx.

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