Plymouth Clip ‘n’ Climb

We’ve planned a fun and challenging event for all teams which will test your agility, speed and skill on a range of our climbing challenges including the ultimate test – the Leap of Faith!

Due to the number of teams, the event will be split into three groups.  Group 1 must arrive at 5:00pm with Group 2 arriving at 5:30pm and Group 3 arriving at 5:45pm. You will be issued your group slot prior to the event.

Please note:  There is a well stocked café overlooks the Clip n Climb arena. There are hot and cold drinks available and as well as hot and cold food. No food can be taken down into the arena & all drinks must be in sealed bottles.

Playing by the rules

Summary of Event: There will be 2 parts to the competition, the ‘Skill’ tests and the ‘Leap of Faith Bonus’ test! Points from both parts will then be added together to make your final score, from which all teams will be ranked.

Event Schedule: The event will run from 5pm to 8.30pm. Due to the nature of the event, teams will be allocated time slots to undertake their climbs. Group 1 must arrive at 5:00pm with Group 2 arriving at 5:30pm and Group 3 arriving at 5:45pm.

Part1: ‘Skill’ tests Climbers will be challenged to tackle each of the 3 challenges on the climbs listed. Points are allocated to the challenges according to their perceived difficulty level:

  • Easy = 10pts
  • Medium = 15pts
  • Difficult = 20pts*. See separate scoring below

Climbers will be given 5 minutes to complete each climb, your climb starts as soon as the whistle blows and will end when you complete the climb or the final whistle blows. You can attempt the climbs as many times as you like within the allocated 5 minutes. Your highest scoring attempt will be recorded as your final score.

To ensure easy flow of teams between climbs four teams will compete in the arena at any one time. Each team member will tackle a climb and once all team members have completed their first climb (making a total of five climbs completed for the team) their scores will be recorded and they will move onto the next four climbs and so on until each climber has completed five climbs in total – at which point the team will have completed all 25 climbs in the event plus the Leap of Faith.

If any climb remains uncompleted within the 5 minutes then the team will score 0 points for that climb.

*Stairway to Heaven (Set 2):The participant will score 2 pts for each pole that they successfully manage to balance on. They must stand on the finishing pole for 5 seconds before descending to score the points.

Timings:Climbing will start and finish on the whistle.

Scoring:The judge’s decision is final.

Part 2 – Leap of Faith (LOF) Bonus

Each team will be provided with a ticket for the Leap of Faith trapeze. They should select one team member to take this challenge and earn extra bonus points for their team.

  • The Leap of Faith Trapeze can be moved to varying distances from the jump ledge – 1 being the closest (and easiest) and 10 being the furthest (and hardest).
  • Climbers can request the trapeze be set at any number they wish – based upon their judgement of how far they can jump and catch the trapeze!
  • A successful attempt will be scored and the points scored will directly correspond to the level between the numbers of 1-6
  • Participants score double the level number if successfully catching the trapeze between 7-9 i.e. level 5 = 10 pts
  • Participants score triple points if successfully reach Level 10
  • You only have ONE attempt so think carefully about your strategy!

Only successful catches of the trapeze handle will qualify for bonus points, if the trapeze handle is missed the team will score 0 points for their jump.

The LOF ticket can be used at any time after team registration, except during the teams own Part 1 skill time.


In the unlikely event of two teams having the same overall score the overall winners will be settled by their time on the speed climb.

  • Teams of 4 players
  • Must be of an equal gender split i.e. 2 males and 2 females per team
  • Velcro
  • Big Cheese
  • Jungle Gym
  • Triffid
  • Cloud 9
  • Lightening Crack
  • Aliens
  • Orbital
  • Dome Chimney
  • Zig Zag
  • Steelworks
  • Speed Climb
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Dry Ice
  • Jungle Vines
  • Sky Scrapper
  • Checkerplate
  • Amazing
  • Pixetron
  • Leap of Faith


To keep the competition as fair as possible for all teams, all competitors will be asked to abide by a few rules:

  • Teams should consist of 4 participants – 2 males and 2 females
  • Each participant will be asked to complete 4 of the 16 climbs – teams may choose how they allocate participants to climbs (consider carefully the type of climb and skills you think are required!)
  • Participants can only climb for 1 team
  • Teams can choose 1 team member only to participate in the bonus challenge ‘The Leap of Faith’.
  • The evening is run to a tight timetables therefore if you are late for your booked time slot you may forfeit your place for the competition and may have to wait until the end to take part. Please arrive in good time to get ready and briefed before your climbing slot.
  • Participants must remove all jewellery before they climb
  • Participants are asked to attend the safety briefing and comply with all the rules and instructions provided, including awareness of safety zones, clipping rules and how to descend safely on the auto belay
  • All participants must use Personal Protection Equipment (harnesses and karabiners) provided by Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth. No personal harnesses are permitted
  • Climbers are requested to wear trainers or appropriate footwear for climbing. No open toe or heeled shoes are allowed
  • In the interests of fair play, no rock climbing shoes are permitted
  • We do not allow chalk in our arena
  • The decision of CNC staff is final. Any participants answering back will be given detention.

The evening is run to a tight time schedule which does not include time for practising on the climbs. Some of the climbs are harder than they look so organising who does which climb and practising beforehand can contribute hugely to your final results

Time / Location

10th October 2019

5.00pm to 8.30pm

17 Brest Rd, Plymouth PL6 5AA


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