Terms and Conditions

Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions listed below:
1. Organisations participating in the Bigwave Business Games should have a business based in the town, city or county
where the games take place.
2. Any number of participants can make up the team and take part in events throughout the Bigwave Business Games,
however all must be full or part time employees. Companies with less than 100 full or part time employees may use
immediate relatives of employees or smaller companies may enter a joint team
3. All participants in the Bigwave Business Games must be aged 18 or over. Where there may be doubt as to a participant’s
age, proof of age may be required.
4. By submitting the entry form you are agreeing to pay the entry fee to the Bigwave Business Games. The Entry Fee covers
the costs for all rounds, excluding any refreshments – bars, barbeques, drinks etc and is non-refundable.
5. Participants must wear clothing and footwear appropriate to each event.
6. The officials’ ruling is final in all events.
7. Teams must enter all events evenings.
8. 10 points will be deducted from any team not turning up for one of the events. Notice to cancel must be received 48
hours before the start of the event, or this will be counted as a ‘no show’ and points will be deducted.
9. Teams will earn 10 points for each event participated in; entering all events will lead to maximum points awarded.
10. Teams should be available to start each event at the time stated. Please inform the Bigwave Media Exeter office on 01392
492380 in advance of an event if the start time is likely to be a problem. Late arrivals for events have an impact on the
scheduling of the competitions, and the other teams taking part, and may be counted as a ‘no show’.
11. Rules for each event will be available on the Business Games website. It is the responsibility of the Team Leader to ensure
that all participants in each event are aware of the rules. Wherever possible we would like all games to be equal gender
split. Due to current legislation, we cannot show gender bias unless there is a proven reason, so this can only be enforced
where there is a competitive advantage to upper body strength as males are proven to have stronger upper bodies than
females. Mixed Gender needs to be a minimum of one female or one male unless it states in the event rules minimum
two females/males etc. Therefore, in some games, you could have more females than males or, vice versa, more males
than females. Please refer to the individual event rules.
12. Flash photographs may be taken of participants in the Bigwave Business Games, these will be used for publicity purposes
for future Games, and related events. Participants who have objections to their photograph being taken should make
the organiser aware at the event, at time of check in and before the event begins. Team Leaders should ensure that all
participants are aware of this.
13. Please protect your valuables and kit. Do not leave valuables in your car or in changing rooms. Where possible use the
lockers provided.
14. The Bigwave Business Games does not accept liability for death or personal injury suffered by any individual whilst
participating in any activity or event except where caused by the negligence of Bigwave Business Games.
15. The Bigwave Business Games does not accept liability for damage or loss to the property of any individual whilst
participating in any activity or event.
16. Participants in the Bigwave Business Games should ensure that they have adequate insurance for themselves in respect
of death, personal injury, and damage to and loss of property.
17. A representative from your team must attend the Team Leaders meeting prior to the games commencing.
18. As a participate of the Business Games you agree to a pledge to the chosen charity. You need to donate a minimum of
£150 and this earns you 10 extra points, failure to do so will lead to a deduction of 10 points