We spend up to 60% of our time at work, so it’s important that we enjoy our time when we’re there!

The team games that make up the Bigwave Business Games will boost morale, foster team work, promote a positive image, and create a great working atmosphere both in the run up and during the games (and beyond!).

Bigwave Business Games also raises money for local charities. Over the years we’ve raised thousands for charity and this year, we hope to raise more than ever!

1. Your first step is to put a team of champions together! Champions are the ambassadors of your Business Games to the rest of your company and beyond.
2. Aim for a broad cross section of talented people from all levels to be ‘champions’ to lead each of the 6 events. Some might have a particular skill (qualified sports coach), or some may have a particular interest (pub quiz expert or rower).
3. You need to nominate an overall team leader; that may be you or you may have a real enthusiast in mind who will work with you to really make the games a success for your team.
4. Senior management need to support and get actively involved, it sends out a stronger signal to everyone else.
5. Meet with your champions and agree an action plan on how to recruit players for each event. Make use of the talent available!
6. The most important element of this is the employees themselves: inspire a sense of ownership and involvement. Make the champion their point of contact for that particular event.

Now you have your champions and an action plan, you need a launch to get as many people on your Business Games team as possible. You could organise a get together at lunchtime, after work or even for half an hour during work if appropriate. Offer some refreshments: tea, coffee and cookies usually works!

Let the whole company know by an all staff email or memo – the more the merrier!

Brief them on what a great fun event it is and how it raises money for local charities at the same time.

Tell them you require a commitment of a couple of hours after work one day a week. No skill is required but if they have an experience in any of the events that would be fantastic.

Introduce your champions and have the ‘sign up sheets’ for each event available so colleagues can express interest and leave their contact details for you to keep them up-to-date with the Business Games.

An element of the games is raising money for the charity and you also gain 10 bonus points if you hit the target donation of £150. Why not organise to get sponsored by your suppliers or run a cake stall in work. We have a list of alternative fund-raising ideas if you get stuck!

As the games get closer, ensure all participants have read the Terms and Conditions.

Check your champions are organised and have enough people signed up for each event.

If you have a staff newsletter you could announce the countdown to the games and where they will be held, supporters are welcome at most of the events!

All participants must know the rules before entering any event and these will be on the website prior to the commencement of the games.

Your team must arrive promptly for the start so please ensure they are free to leave work in time to get to the venues. Most events start at 5.30pm and run for a couple of hours.

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