Torbay Tenpin Bowling

Please ensure that all participating team members arrive at the above venue by 5.30pm at the latest for pre-event registration and briefing.

To score as many points overall as possible by knocking down the pins (in your own lane!).

Event information / scoring
All teams will play one game of bowling. The aim is to score the highest amount of points in total (see ten pin scoring details below). The scores will then be ranked as follows:


  • 26 Points – Winner
  • 25 Points – Winner
  • 24 Points – Winner
  • 23 Points – Winner
  • Etc…

Playing by the rules

  • Team of 6 players.
  • Teams must be mixed gender.
  • Maximum team of 6.

When all 10 pins are knocked down with one ball. You get 10 points for these pins, plus the points of the next 2 balls thrown.

All 10 pins are knocked down with 2 consecutive balls. You get 10 points for this plus the points of the pins that the next ball knocks down.

A game consists of 10 frames (or turns) per person.

A frame is one turn.

This is the black line at the start of the lane.

You will receive a foul if you step over the foul line.

This is when you get 2 strikes in a row.

This is if you get 3 strikes in a row.

This is the sections either side of the lane where the ball ends up if they come off the lane or you miss.

Time / Location

16th April 2020

5:30pm – 8pm
AMF Bowling, Torwood St, Torquay, TQ1 1DZ


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